No Man's Sky Bugs Lets You Do Things That Should Have Been In the Game Already

Since the Foundation update to No Man's Sky, intrepid players have been investigating what new things are possible in the game. Unfortunately, the update hasn't addressed all of the complaints that gamers have had with No Man's Sky, but it's a start.

Some gamers are already addressing the still missing activities that plague No Man's Sky. YouTuber Sirian Gaming has discovered a glitch that allows you to land your freighter on planets. To do so, you have to have nerves of steel and call in the freighter at the exact moment you enter planet's atmosphere. Being able to have you freighter by your base would be convenient and impressive, and hopefully, someday we'll hopefully have the ability just to have it land as an in-game feature instead of glitching it onto a planet's surface.

The Foundation update also added base building. However, like many aspects of No Man's Sky, there's a limit to how wide you can build and how high you can build. Editing a file on the PC version of the game will get rid of that pesky vertical limit, though. It might even be possible, with an additional jetpack mod, to build a tunnel between two planets.

It's great that Hello Games didn't do the easy thing and just abandon support for the game after the massive amount of criticism it's received. However, they have a long way to go before they reach the point where the game delivers on the promises they made before launch.

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