GameStop now accepts 'retro' games, systems, and peripherals at all store locations

GameStop sent out a Tweet proclaiming that you can trade in a number of "retro" systems, games, and peripherals at any store location (via IGN).

The company released a graphic along with the announcement to state which consoles—and their respective libraries—can be traded for credit or cash. Most of the heavy hitters are there, but second-stringers like Intellivision, as well as relics like Atari VCS/2600, didn't make the cut.

GameStop's decision to take in-store trade-ins represents a widening of its focus on retro merchandise. In 2015, the company announced that it would stock old games and hardware on its website—a decision likely made to cater to the growing number of collectors interested in completing console libraries.

Going back to its roots by stocking oldies-but-goodies in its stores gives GameStop another direct line to collectors, though it remains to be seen how their prices compare to local dealers.

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