GameStop website now stocking retro games and consoles

Once upon a time, GameStop stores used to sell old-school consoles and console games. They were a good source of retro 8-bit, 16-bit, and other classic games of the past for anyone to rediscover. It now appears that those days are returning, because now GameStop's website is stocking classic consoles and games.

GameStop made the announcement on Twitter earlier today. The selection extends to NES, Genesis, PlayStation, Dreamcast, and others. That sounds exciting on paper. Unfortunately, browsing through the collection does appear to yield some rather expensive results. Mike Tyson's Punch Out on NES for $34.99? Mario Party 2 on Nintendo 64 for $44.99? As one might imagine, some users may want to search for remakes or digital re-releases before making such an expensive investment.

But there are also some rare gems to be found here, as well. Star Wars Rogue Squadron on Nintendo 64 is going for $9.99, Parappa the Rapper on PlayStation is here for $34.99, and then there's a full library of rare Dreamcast games for the picking.

No word on whether these offerings will soon extend to brick-and-mortar GameStop stores.

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