Overwatch cracking down on quitters, adding ranked matches

Overwatch is watching you, but who watches the Overwatch-er? Never you mind. Just be on your best behavior, because a new patch for the Overwatch beta takes measure to punish poor sports who duck out of sessions.

According to patch notes published on Blizzard's Battle.net forums, designers have instituted a completion percentage based on your previous 20 games. "If a player’s game completion percentage falls below our required threshold, they will now receive a warning message" based on those 20 games.

That's strike one. Those who continue to rage quit are docked 75 percent of their XP in future games until "the player raises their game completion percentage above our required threshold," a decision that hinges upon their 20 most recent games.

The patch notes don't disclose an explicit threshold that Blizzard watches for when monitoring 20-game streaks. Either that number will be revealed later on—or it won't, inferring, perhaps, that you should assume the threshold is low enough that you're better off hanging in even when the going gets rough.

Alongside punishment measures, the latest beta patch for Overwatch adds new modes and fixes. Competitive Play makes its grand debut, selectable by selecting Play from the main menu. Overwatch's matchmaking system takes over from there by matching you against players looking to go solo or in a group, depending on your preferences. Various progression rewards have been added, such as sprays, player icons, and voice lines.

For more info on fixes and changes, hit up the patch notes on Battle.net.

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