Fallout 4 sells over 2 million units on PC in just 10 days

Bethesda Softworks revealed Fallout 4 reached record sales across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, although it didn’t reveal any specific numbers as to how many units the game sold on each platform. We knew it sold at least 1.2 million units on its first day of sale PC alone, and after 10 days, Fallout 4 has reached over 2 million units sold, according to the latest Steamspy numbers.

As of this writing, Fallout 4 has sold 2,042,491 copies, and with the weekend upon us, we’re sure that number will rise as more people take a nice, long weekend away from work. And with a holiday weekend coming next week, and the possibility of the PC version going on sale during Steam’s Autumn Sale. that number will definitely rise next week.

To compare with Bethesda’s previously-released titles, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has sold 9.5 units on Steam, while Fallout: New Vegas has sold 4.6 million units. Fallout 3 has moved the least amount of units with just 2.5 million. WIth that said, we’re curious to see just how well Fallout 4 sells for Bethesda once the hype train slows down.

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