Razer acquires Android microconsole Ouya

Razer has acquired Android gaming platform Ouya.

Ouya’s sale to Razer was announced by Ouya founder Julie Ohrman on Twitter, where she spent the majority of the time thanking a number of people that assisted her in bringing the console to market. At the end of her long exchange, she asks Razer to look after the Ouya community and the team.

Julie also confirmed on Twitter she is leaving the company now that it’s been sold to Razer. “Ouya was a once in a lifetime experience,” she writes. “Now, I'm off to find the next.”

Razer has purchased the software assets of Ouya and acqui-hiried the company's technical and developer relations teams to help expand Razer's Android TV gaming business. According to TechCrunch, the aquisition was "an all-cash deal," although Razer didn't acquire the hardware part of Ouya's business. This was most likely due to Razer having its own hardware, the Forge TV, that it will most likely want to have expanded.

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