Amazon underwhelms and over-promises with Prime Day deals

After several weeks of promotion, Amazon Prime Day kicked off today exclusively for Amazon Prime members. If you aren’t an Amazon Prime member, you probably felt a sense of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), but trust me when I say you didn’t miss anything.

I spent the good part of my work day covering all of the notable deals from Amazon Prime Day while also handling bits of news here and there. I was focusing on gaming, gaming peripherals, and electronics sales, and at its start, there weren’t that many notable sales. Amazon started its big Prime Day event by putting Sports Champions 2 on sale for $9.99 and a Skylanders duffle bag.

Fortunately, things picked up slightly from there as we saw Battlefield Hardline, Borderlands - The Handsome Jack Collection, Evolve, and two recently-released Final Fantasy remakes go on sale. But none of these games have exactly been tearing up the charts as of late, although we’re sure there were some of you out there who probably picked one of these games up.

The only items I would consider to be good deals were Bloodborne at $29.99, the Xbox One 1TB bundle with Master Chief Collection and Borderlands, Alienware 17, and the LG 55-inch 4K Smart TV. Other than those, today’s Prime Day sales left many, many underwhelmed.

I’m not the only one that feels that way. If you search for the #PrimeDay hashtag, which was trending on Twitter today, here are just some of the tweets written today:

What appears to be the problem here is the fact that Amazon over promised with its Prime Day and under delivered. If Amazon would have made today’s sale event more low key, less Amazon customers would have been upset. But considering they’ve been running numerous commercials for it on TV, radio, and on the Internet, it gained everyone’s attention, and unfortunately, Amazon didn’t have the deals to back up that amount of attention.

So Amazon - the next time you promote another big sale on your site, and throw the word “Black Friday” around, please consider your customers as many of us spent a lot of our free time keeping tabs on Prime Day in hopes there’d be a really good deal that never, ever came.

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