Ultra Street Fighter 4 getting 'Summer Vacation' costume DLC

Ultra Street Fighter 4 only arrived at the start of June and, in fact, it hasn't even released on PC or at retail yet. So naturally, Capcom's Yoshinori Ono wasn't about to announce another installment in the series. Instead, the only USF4 announcement at this year's San Diego Comic Con involved the game's fighters donning their Summer Vacation outfits for some new costume DLC.

Each of Ultra Street Fighter 4's fighters will receive an additional costume with the Summer Vacation DLC, all centered around the theme of catching some sun and putting on some fine warm weather clothes. Some of the outfits fit the theme very well, such as Blanka wearing a Hawaiian shirt and lei and Sakura donning a summer blouse. Other selections are a little more abstract, like Rufus and Zangief donning scuba gear. Who knows what Rufus and Zangief are even wearing. You can see a few costumes below and hit Shoryuken for the rest. Release or pricing information was not given for the Summer Vacation DLC.

Anyone waiting for anymore announcements from Capcom will just have to keep waiting. Ono added that would not make any further fighting game announcements for the remainder of 2014. There's still a future update lined up, though, so it remains to be seen whether this will hit later this year or get pushed back to early 2015.