Ultra Street Fighter 4's 'Edition Select' will go online

Capcom held a panel during Evo 2014 to discuss all things Street Fighter and that included upcombing balance tweaks for the game's existing characters and characters that debuted in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Peter 'Combofiend' Rosas revealed that the game's Edition Select will soon be available online in unranked modes. This is the feature that allows players to select their favorite version of characters from across the full Street Fighter 4 line, such as 'SF4' Sagat and 'Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition' Yun.

Those looking to better train their fighters can also utilize the 'delayed standing' option to Training mode, to help prepare them for human players that take advantage of delayed wakeup tactics.

Rosas also acknowledged that the initial character balance process for Ultra Street FIghter 4 was fully done through fan feedback, with over 24,000 comments collected from players worldwide. He added that it was the first time a Street Fighter game was influenced by feedback from Western nations, with a balance team specifically assembled to collect feedback from North and South America and Europe. With that in mind, he also acknowledged that balance work isn't finished yet, citing issues with Yun, Seth, and DeeJay, in particular.

The panel also discussed what's happening with the Capcom Pro Tour, refining what was originally created a year ago at this same Evo event. The goals include increasing the production of live streams, increasing prize pools, and spreading through the course of the entire calendar year. All of the official events will, of course, lead to the annual Capcom Cup.

There is no current date for when the next set of USF4 changes will be ready, but they are expected to come soon.