Nintendo announces Code Name: STEAM for 3DS

Nintendo is holding a special 3DS-centered event to cap off the second day of E3 2014. The publisher quickly kicked the event off by announcing a whole new IP, labeling it "Code Name STEAM." No, it definitely isn't that Steam, but rather a shortening for the term "steampunk," as Nintendo will make its first jump into the genre with a new game in 2015. The game will be developed by Advance Wars creators Intelligent Systems.

Code Name: STEAM is a turn-based strategy game that will center around a steampunk world. The game will feature a cartoonish art style, taking influence from American comic books. The story takes place during the Civil War era, centering around a team formed by Abraham Lincoln to fight aliens. Interestingly, the game will not feature any sort of mini-map, only offering the characters' field of view, placing more of an emphasis on unit placement. Since each unit runs on steam, the substance will also act as a limited resource that's used to power their attacks. Players will unlock team members and weapons as they progress over the course of the game's missions, which are divided up into smaller segments in themselves.

A trailer is forthcoming, so stay tuned for that. It will be posted as soon as it becomes available.