Watch Dogs guide: Where to find all the Burner Phones

Get the most out of your Watch Dogs experience by finding all the big collectibles. Finding all 8 Burner Phones Maurice scattered around the city will earn you the Sanity Check achievement. Additionally, collecting the phones will provide details on the family tragedy that put Aiden Pearce on his quest for vengeance.

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Before You Begin

Burner phone locations are marked on your map after you clear the ctOS System and ctOS Towers from the area. If you haven't done that yet, it makes it easier to take care of that first. But if you're intent on getting the phones without taking care of the ctOS stuff, then you certainly can. All audio files will play in sequential order, no matter which burner phone you pick up. So, no matter what order you find them, Maurice's story will always be told in an understandable way. We'll assign numbers to the phones, but you can pick them up in whatever order you choose.

Burner Phone #1

This phone is easy to find, since it's tied into the story, and given to you at the start of the game. Hack Maurice's phone during the mission Bottom of the Eighth. Now you have seven more to go.

Burner Phone #2

This one is northern part of the Pawnee district. It's located on the roof of the motel, behind the last letter. To get there, climb up the yellow ladder that's on the left side of the building when you're facing its front. Then make the walk across the roof for the phone.

Burner Phone #3

This one is also located in the Pawnee district, this time in the trailer park. Head to the back left when you're driving in. There will be a junky blue car, and the phone is on its roof.

Burner Phone #4

This burner phone is the last one found in the Pawnee district. Find the restaurant claiming to have the fattest hot fish sandwich. Then go left of the building when facing it and pass through a gate. You should find a shed in the back, on the left. The phone is inside of it, resting on a tool chest.

Burner Phone #5

Go to The Loop District, and you'll find this Burner phone under the freeway in a homeless tent encampment. It's behind a fence, inside a cardboard box shelter, on top of a bed.

Burner Phone #6

This phone is dropped in The Wards, which is a kind of ghetto. You'll find it in a courtyard surrounded by several apartment complexes. Go to the burned, abandoned, building and you'll find the phone on its third floor.

Burner Phone #7

Go over to the Brandon Docks district and you'll find the phone inside an industrial looking building. You'll have to hack a large gate to get inside. Then go up the left staircase and turn right. The phone is on a mattress sitting in the corner, near the burning barrel.

Burner Phone #8

The last phone is also on the Brandon Docks, in a different industrial building. When you enter, you'll be going up a staircase on the right. You'll find the burner phone at the top, laying on a desk.

You'll earn the Sanity Check achievement when you've collected all eight phones.