Watch Dogs walkthrough guide: Act V: Sometimes You Still Lose

Information is power. When you're moving through the city of Chicago and hacking into its systems, you need all you can get your hands on. Get the download with our Watch Dogs walkthrough guide and hack your way through the final Act V mission: Sometimes You Still Lose.

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Mission: Sometimes You Still Lose

Objective: Reach the bunker

Objective: Locate Damien

Objective: Gain entry to the central ctOS building

You’ll see a cut-scene when you get into the bunker, and then you can go towards the next waypoint towards Damien. You own’t make it all the way there, though, instead being interrupted for a new destination. As you proceed through here, be cautious. Damien has control over the whole building, and you can tell if he’s hacking something nearby with a red indicator light. Steam pipes and bridges are especially dangerous.

After reaching the waypoint, go to the southeast side for a door and another hacking point. You’ll turn the first point and get locked out, but contrary to how it may seem, this puzzle is solvable. You’ll have to be lightning-quick. Turn the middle point once, then turn the upper left point once. Unlock that point, then the upper right point. Turn the starting point once, then turn the upper left point once again as well. Go to the upper right point and turn it twice, then back to the lower left corner to turn it once.

Back at the start point, turn it once, then unlock the lower right corner point. Turn the start point one more time, then turn the lower left point once. Back to the upper right point to turn three times, then turn the point in the upper right corner once, then the upper left corner once. Turn the point on the bottom left twice, and then turn the upper left point twice to unlock a point near the top.

Objective: Upload T-Bone’s virus into the ctOS.

Damien’s control over the ctOS will start disrupting your GPS. A dozen waypoints will start flickering on your map, but you only need to concentrate on three. All of the points have names on your main screen, but only three will include the word “Hack.” Those are your real waypoints, at ctOS control centers you’ve previously visited.

Police will be in dogged pursuit this whole time, so be sure to put your hacker skills to use. Disable the helicopter, use a Blackout, and drive across bridges as Damien triggers them to stop you. Hack all three locations and install the virus, and then you can go back to the central building to finish it off.

Objective: Shut down ctOS.

Once you’ve installed the final virus, police will calm down and Damien won’t be able to mess with your system anymore. Go back to the hacking point at the main ctOS building to begin another hacking mini-game.

Move the point in the lower left corner and turn it twice. Then go to the lower left point in the center and turn it once. Go to the upper left point to turn it once, then back to the center to unlock the upper right point, and then turn it three times. Next, go to the lower right corner to unlock it, then back to the center to click the upper right point three times. Turn the upper left point once, then the upper right point once, and then it’s back to the center again to turn the lower left point once. That will unlock the point in the upper right, completing the puzzle.

Hack the camera and then use it to hack the intrude spot straight ahead of it. From there you can shut down the system with a satellite.

Objective: Use a boat to reach Damien.

Go outside and bear right to reach the boats. Take a boat to the lighthouse, and then head up the stairs and climb into the left. Head through the door to enter the lighthouse.

Objective: Find Damien.

Go up the stairs and then up a ladder. You’ll need to switch to the opposite side to find another ladder, and when you reach the top of the lighthouse you’ll be given another cutscene. As part of the cutscene, you’ll be asked to hand over your phone. Hack when given the prompt, and then do a takedown. Shoot Damien, and you’re almost done.

Objective: Walk away or shoot Maurice.

In a post-credits scene, you’re given a choice. It’s up to you.