Watch Dogs walkthrough guide: They Can't Hide to Backseat Driver

Information is power. When you're moving through the city of Chicago and hacking into its systems, you need all you can get your hands on. Get the download with our Watch Dogs walkthrough guide and hack your way through these missions: They Can't Hide, Big Brother, Foresight, Backstage Pass, Hacking Contract, and Backseat Driver. Catch up with Part 1, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6 of our Watch Dogs guide
Mission: They Can't Hide
Objective: Go to sleep. Take some time to check around your hideout. There are electronic parts on the table beside the bed and a system key that can be hacked in the middle of the room next to the computer. You can also check out the audio files on your laptop. Once you're done looking around, go to the bed and sleep. The default wakeup time is 6:00 AM, but you can set it for any time, preferably in the morning. Objective: Exit your motel room.
Objective: Profile people for potential crimes near your hideout. Exit your hideout, the take a nice stroll around the motel, examining people as you pass them by. Feel free to interact, whether it be hacking their phones to access their bank accounts or checking out their conversations to prevent a crime. On the right, around the corner near the stairs, is a person on his cell phone. Listen in and you'll be pulled in to a crime about to happen. Objective: Investigate the potential crime area.
Objective: Watch for criminal behavior. Steal a car from the parking lot and drive over to the map waypoint. Get out of the car and continue to the next waypoint on foot, around to the back alley of the building, but be careful not to get spotted. You can also use security cameras to keep an eye on the target. Keep a watchful eye on the target until the indicator turns red and action is required. Sprint and chase down the suspect using the takedown before he can escape. Killing him won't earn as many points, so try not to use guns unless you really have to. You'll get a phone call shortly after taking down the suspect. Afterwards, the Big Brother waypoint will appear on the map, north of where you are. Set the destination, find a car to jump into, then head to that location. When you reach the location, you'll have to get out of the car and step up to the waypoint on foot.

Mission: Big Brother
Objective: Join the party in the backyard.
Objective: Head inside Nicky's home.
Objective: Listen in on Nicky's phone. Open the gate by hacking it, then proceed to the next waypoint. It's the house straight ahead on the left. Go around the right of the house to get to the backyard. Head up the stairs and into the house when the cut-scene finishes. When your sister gets a call, hack her phone and listen in. Objective: Take down the suspect.
Objective: Hack the caller's phone for answers. Follow the waypoint to take down Nicky. He'll make a run for it as you get close, so grab a car and get ready for a chase. Stay behind him and get in as close as possible. As you move, hack the traffic lights to create traffic accidents for him to run into. Nicky will jump out of the car and run on foot when his car gets wrecked. You could use your gun on him, but you'll get fewer experience points. Chase him long enough and he'll eventually stop running. Perform a takedown when this happens and for maximum experience. Then hack into his phone to complete the mission.
Mission: Foresight
Objective: Purchase the 416 assault rifle. Pop open the map and set the waypoint to the next mission objective, marked by a yellow symbol. Once you get there, step out of the car, walk into the show, and purchase a 416 Auto Assault Rifle. It'll set you back $1200, so make sure you have enough cash. If not, do a walk around the block and hack phones and pedestrians. Locating the nearest ATM and hacking into it for a withdrawal will help too.
Mission: Backstage Pass
Objective: Locate a guard with the access code.
Objective: Hack the guard with the access code.
Objective: Use access code to reach the servers.
Objective: Leave the area. Leave the gun shop and set your waypoint for new mission location. Once you reach the building, go over to the east side for a ramp that leads to the upper level. Hack in to the camera on the right before climbing the fence. Then use it to activate the crane to take out the guards ahead. Switch to the camera located directly behind the crane and make note of the guard movements. There is an explosive device by one the guards. Detonate it by hacking it and take out the guard. Jump from camera to camera to scan the guards as they come to investigate the explosion until you find the one with the access code. It'll be the only one you can hack. Don't hack the explosive one the guards is carrying. You'll need it for a distraction later. When you have the code downloaded, climb onto the pile of palettes and over the fence. Head over to the container you dropped on guards at the beginning of the mission. Then use the palettes just inside the building for cover. Hack through the cameras until you locate a guard on the lower level, near the loading dock. He's carrying an explosive that can be hacked. Now only one guard should be standing in the way. Hacking the guard's explosive will draw attention, but it will also make your escape harder. Stealthily move as close to the guard as you can. Then hack his camera and look at the object behind him. Use the Attract hack to distract him and silently take him down as soon as his back is turned. Now you have unimpeded access to the hack point. Mini-game time. At the first hotspot, rotate the upper most hack point once. Then unlock the point at the top before hitting it a second time to get to the next hotspot. On the second hotspot, turn the middle point three times, then shift over one point to the left and turn that one twice. Go up on point, then right one, and turn it three times. Unlock the final point to access the next hotspot. At the last hotspot, start with the upper right corner and turn that point once. Go to the bottom left point and turn it three times. Lastly, unlock the point at the top to finish the hack. Now you have access to another camera. Direct it straight ahead to locate the mission's last hack point and take care of it. All you need to do now is leave the area the same way you came in. There's one guard that potentially spot you, and he's at the end of the hallway. Stay hidden until he walks away, then backtrack, climb over the fence, and cross the street until you exit the white circle to complete the mission.

Mission: Hacking Contract
Objective: Find 2XTheTap
Objective: Kill 2XTheTap before he evades.
Objective: Access the online contracts. Upon reaching your next waypoint, you'll be interrupted by what appears to be an online invasion hack. Get back into the car and track down the opposing hacker. Once you reach the hacker's location, you'll need to scan everyone in the area until you identify who it is. The crowd will thin out with time, which will make your task a little easier. You'll need to eliminate the hacker as soon as you find him. A normal takedown is best if you're close enough, but it may be necessary to shoot him. Just make sure he doesn't get away. Next, open the Online Contracts App and select Online Hacking from the map. Then request a target. The game will revert back to normal missions once you've completed the contract.
Mission: Backseat Driver
Objective: Reach the West Island for the driving contract.
Objective: Reach the fugitive undetected. Pick up a car and head over the mission marker. Once the mission starts, go over the next waypoint. As you drive in, the police will be alerted and start pursuing. Steer clear of the yellow circles on the mini-map as you make your way to each new location. The circles have a nasty habit of appearing right on top of you, so you may want to focus on taking indirect routes and getting out of them as fast as you can. A yellow circle will appear on top of you as you get close to your destination. Quickly leave the area and circle around when it's gone. It will reappear as you approach again, but now you'll have more time to reach the garage and hack it. Objective: Escape the lockdown area undetected. Leave the garage and go right. Make a left once you reach the main street and follow the police car, but not too closely. When the cop makes a right, go left, then make another left at the next intersection. This will lead you to a police blockade. Keep the blockade on your left and make a quick right as you approach it. There should be a clear path to your destination. Objective: Deliver the fugitive and avoid all detection. Set your GPS for the next waypoint. You'll need to get there without getting detected. If you used the route described for the previous objective, then the GPS route should keep you clear of the police. If it doesn't, just do your best to make sure you're not spotted. Reaching the destination completes the mission.