Unreal Tournament returns as ambitious, fan-driven free first-person shooter

It's been ages since the gaming community has seen any new content revolving around the Unreal Tournament franchise. But, today, Epic Games made good on its promise to spill the beans on a new project in the series. One that will focus just as much on being a tried-and-true first-person shooting experience as much as it will on being a devoted project where fans have some say.

During its live Twitch stream today, Epic Games confirmed that work has begun on a new chapter in the Unreal Tournament series, and once it's finished, it will be free-to-play. By that, it doesn't mean loaded with microtransactions, but completely free. A separate marketplace will be available to those who wish to buy and sell mods, with part of the profits going to Epic Games.

A number of Unreal Tournament vets are hard at work on the project, but it will be the first one to utilize open development, where the team will work closely with Epic and fans of the series, based on feedback given in the company's forums. Updates will also be provided through the Unreal Engine Twitch channel, so fans can see just how the game is progressing.

The game is still in an early developmental state, where Epic is still trying to figure everything out with its creation, and will be several months before it's even close to playable. Those interested in taking part in its development can sign up in the official forums.

The game is currently being planned for Windows, Mac and Linux, and will also support the Oculus Rift headset closer to completion.

Ahhh, it'll be nice to hold a rocket launcher again…