Frozen Synapse 'Red' DLC arrives on iPad

Mode 7 may be preparing to hit the gridiron, but they haven't forgotten their original top-down strategy game, Frozen Synapse. The developer is bringing the game's Red DLC to the iPad version today, adding in co-op play and a slew of other additions.

The Red expansion offers a new 15-mission single-player campaign, 10 single-player challenge missions, a new Upload multiplayer mode, a new riot shield unit, three mutator modifiers, and six new music tracks. If you want some mood lighting, the DLC will also include a new 'Red' mode that changes the game's color scheme into a completely different color. I want to say it turns the screen into some sort of chartreuse, but I don't think that's right. All single-player campaign missions will be playable in co-op, regardless of whether an expansion owner's partner has the Red DLC or not.

The Red DLC is available now for $2. To celebrate, Mode 7 has reduced the base game price to $0.99 on the App Store.

If PC is more your thing, Mode 7 is also offering a deep discount on Frozen Synapse's Steam version. Not only is it 80% off, but players can also try it out for free this weekend.