Frozen Synapse: Red DLC released, adding co-op

DLC often runs the risk of splintering a multiplayer community, but Mode 7 Games is cannily and kindly dodging that with the 'Red' expansion for Frozen Synapse. Released yesterday for $9.99, Red adds campaign co-op, more missions, a new multiplayer mode, a riot shield unit and more--which anyone can play with as long as the other player has bought the DLC.

Red adds two-player co-op for all single-player campaign missions, of which there are 15 new ones, and 10 extra challenge missions. You'll also find new music, an 'Upload' multiplayer mode, the riotous riot shield wielder, three new mutators, and, naturally, a mode to turn its blue world red.

You can buy Red direct from Mode 7 for $9.99, but it's only $8.49 on Steam for the next week. Steam's also offering 50% off the base game, making it $12.49 for two copies, plus discounts on various collections of Frozen Synapse bits and bobs.

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