Guild Wars 2 update unifies PvE and PvP gear

Guild Wars 2 is thinking big with its latest update, adding whole new features to Arenanet's MMORPG. Among the items on the agenda for the latest update are Megaservers and a new Wardrobe feature, but it also eliminates PvP-exclusive gear.

While the Wardrobe system makes it easier to customize the look of your favorite characters, it also means that PvP-exclusive weapons and armor will go away. The old system will be replaced by 'PvP Reward Tracks,' which lets players play for specific rewards. Examples of these rewards include dungeon items or Legendary weapon pieces.

The latest Guild Wars 2 update will also overhaul character traits, which will now be unlocked according to character level. Different traits can also be unlocked through "feats of bravery and daring," allowing for a new form of customization.

As previously mentioned, Megaservers will make it easier for friends and guild members to find each other on a single server. With this new system taking effect, boss schedules have been adjusted.

The full changelist can be found here.