Guild Wars 2 update to bring 'Megaservers' online

ArenaNet has already detailed some real updates (and one fake one) coming to Guild Wars 2 in April. One more big change is afoot, with the announcement of "Megaservers." The change is pitched as a total restructuring of how players connect to servers, making it easier to get on with your friends and guildmates.

As explained in the announcement, the system is essentially a new form of matchmaking. Players won't be separated into copies of the same map, but instead sorted and assigned to one based on your character's attributes. It takes your party, guild, language, and homeworld into account, and tries to sort you with other players of like interests. Instead of a set number of duplicate maps, the system itself will determine how many varieties to sort players into based on demand. This will also eliminate overflow maps, and assure that even if you play on non-peak hours, you'll be sorted with plenty of other players.

A table on the site gets into the nitty-gritty of how the system will sort players, but essentially it's meant to keep you sorted with people you're likely to share traits with. Your homeworld will be taken into account too, so ideally you'll be matched with some players over and over again to get to know them over time.

The feature will be activated on the level 1-15 maps, major cities, and the PvP lobby when the next feature pack launches on April 15. Once ArenaNet has had a chance to watch how those launches go, it will expand to other areas.