Guild Wars 2 gets account-wide Wardrobe update on April 15

Now that the wicked Scarlet Briar has been dealt with, Guild Wars 2 is taking a slight breather from its heavy narrative. And what better way to catch your breath than with some fashion therapy? A new video shows off the MMORPG's upcoming Wardrobe system, which is set to make its debut on April 15 and allow players to share their outfits across all of their characters on a single account.

"For the Wardrobe, we've changed skins to an account-wide unlock system," said programmer Ryan Diederich on the Guild Wars 2 website. "Skins can be unlocked by using consumables, equipping items, salvaging equipment, or right-clicking on equipment and account-binding it. Items that you acquire that are already bound to your account automatically unlock their skin when they go into your inventory. Unlocked skins can be applied to items infinitely (for just one Transmutation Charge), which makes it much less stressful to try out a new look for your character, since you can always switch back!"

Players looking to match up outfits with certain weapons will be able to preview their looks through an updated UI system. Transmutation has been streamlined, with transmutation items able to converted directly into Transmutation Charges without any additional items required. The game's dye system has also been updated to be make dyes available across entire accounts and not restricted to a single character.

For more about Guild Wars 2's new Wardrobe system, check out the video below.