PS4 survey proposes player reputations and 'advanced matchmaking'

A survey sent from Sony is gauging interest in possible PlayStation 4 features, which could give us a hint at what we'll see in future updates, including "advanced matchmaking" and a user ratings system for players.

The questionnaire was caught by VGX Network (via GameSpot). The top two suggestions are a player reputation system based on user ratings, and advanced matchmaking according to skill-level of preference. It also throws out the possibility of changing your PSN username and an invisible status setting. Though many of these ideas could be implemented on any PlayStation system--and would have to be, for the cross-platform ones--the survey reportedly went only to select PS4 owners.

As always, it's important to keep in mind that surveys don't necessarily mean a feature will appear, but sometimes they can be informative. Years ago one survey seemed to have foretold the Vita touch screen, and a more recent one was the first hint of Sony's cross-buy sales model.

In the more immediate future, the upcoming PlayStation 4 update will add more streaming and capture options, and another after that will allow Twitch archiving.