PlayStation 4 updates to add streaming and capture features

The sharing functions have been pretty popular on PlayStation 4, and Sony has detailed how they will add more functionality to those features. The first update will focus on capturing and editing your own video clips, while the second will add an oft-requested feature to the Twitch broadcasting.

As detailed on the PlayStation.Blog, the first update is planned for the coming weeks. It will add a video editor to personalize clips, the ability to export and save videos and screenshots to a USB drive, and the ability to turn HDCP off so you can capture gameplay via HDMI.

A separate update, pinned for some point in the future, will allow Twitch broadcasts to be archived. That update will also allow broadcasts to be displayed in 720p for better picture quality.

Sharing features have been a popular new addition to this console generation, and Twitch in particular has become a marquee feature. Microsoft recently added the functionality to Xbox One in order ring in the Titanfall launch, and some developers are finding inventive ways to integrate broadcasting into their games.