Sony Hints at PSP Touch Screen

BOOM widget 75648 Would you be more likely to buy a new PSP if it had a touch screen? Faster load times?

These are just a few of the questions contained in a Sony-issued survey regarding the handheld, claims PSP Fanboy.

The company has repeatedly denied rumors that it's readying a successor to the PSP, often referred to as the PSP 2, instead opting to focus on the existing hardware. However, the survey suggests Sony is, at the very least, considering more than just another simple hardware revision.

With the touch-screen controls of the Nintendo DS and iPhone continuing to gain traction in the portable marketplace, Sony's touch screen inquiry comes as no shock. In fact, a third-party has already created a PSP touch screen add-on, via a screen overlay.

Other questions pertain to a better screen, increased internal storage, a smaller profile, better battery life, social networking, a TV tuner, book downloads, and more unit colors.