Criterion co-founders create new indie studio Three Fields Entertainment

Criterion Games co-founders Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry have moved on to their next gaming venture. Three months after departing from the studio they once helped create, Ward and Sperry have founded a new studio called Three Fields Entertainment.

Three Fields Entertainment will be based in Britain. No projects have been announced by the former Criterion devs, but the studio has already stated that they will begin hiring for a number of positions. According to Ward's Twitter feed (via Polygon), applicants will ideally be "skilled in at least three fields of creating electronic entertainment."

"We will make games for all platforms where we can self-publish," Ward stated on Twitter.

Ward and Sperry's departure followed a tumultuous period at Criterion, in which the developer was downsized to roughly 17 people. After they left EA, the studio was left in the hands of Need for Speed: Most Wanted executive producer Matt Webster.

While Ward and Sperry have not offered hints as to what Three Fields' debut project will be, the duo's new independent venture will likely include the non-racing game that they had expressed interest in making.