Criterion: 'time to make something new,' hints at new non-racing game

Criterion Games has become synonymous with excellent racing games. However, the studio behind Burnout appears to be moving onto something completely different.

Speaking on Twitter, the studio's creative director Alex Ward talked about how "after over a decade of making racing games it's time to make something new." That means no remakes, no reboots, and no sequels. Guess that means we can scratch off that long-rumored Road Rash reboot, huh?

Criterion has made a non-racing game before. Black launched on PS2 and Xbox in 2006. However, Ward confirms that Black 2 is definitely not in the works. "Volumes to tell on that topic, but will save that for when I get a book deal," he said.

Although Ward is keen to move beyond Burnout, the franchise hasn't been tabled. However, it will be quite some time before the franchise comes back. "I am proud of all of the Burnout games. When it feels right we will make another one... After 13 years it's not that time right now," he added.

Ward notes that it is "early days" for his new project, and therefore has nothing to "announce" at the moment.