Criterion Games 'just 17 people' now, most of team at Ghost Games

When Electronic Arts revealed that Ghost Games had become the new home of the Need for Speed series, we thought it meant that Criterion Games would be freed up to do their own thing. That's still true, although the full meaning behind that statement wasn't clear until today.

"Criterion is just 17 people these days," Criterion creative director Alex Ward said. Apparently, most of the studio moved to Ghost Games, leaving just a "small team" behind to work at Criterion.

"We chose not to continue making NFS games," Ward explained on Twitter (via VideoGamer). Those that wanted to continue on the franchise moved to Ghost, while Criterion is able to begin working on "something new," largely believed to be a non-racing game.

And just in case it's misinterpreted, there is no ill will at EA. "We are backed by a huge and successful wider company, Electronic Arts," Ward added. "NFS is in safe hands. And it's all about making great games. It's all positive."