Titanfall free in limited Xbox One console bundle

Titanfall is perhaps the first big system-selling exclusive for Xbox One, even though it is on PC and Xbox 360 too. If you're umming and ahhing about picking the console up for it, a new limited edition bundle coming in March may make your mind up, as it essentially adds Titanfall for free into the regular $499.99 package.

Along with everything one gets for $499.99 with an Xbox One anyway--the console, Kinect, one wireless controller, a headset, and a month of Xbox Live Gold--the bundle includes a code to download Titanfall. The game otherwise costs $59.99, but it's pretty much free here.

The controller included is a regular one, not the limited edition Titanfall controller, but it's hard to quibble over such a solid deal.

It'll launch in "selected retailers" alongside the game on March 11. Microsoft didn't specify quite how "limited" this bundle is, but as there's no reason to buy the regular bundle over this one, it may not last too long. Pre-orders are up now on the Microsoft Store.