Battlefield 4 'player appreciation month' offers a Battlepack each day

Battlefield 4 players have been really good sports about the various issues the game has had since it launched. DICE would like to express its thanks with some player appreciation. But rather than restrict themselves to a single weekend, DICE is stretching its gratitude through the entire month of February.

According to the Battlefield blog, players will receive a Bronze or Silver Battlepack for every day that they log into Battlefield 4 in February. Each of the packs, which DICE estimates takes 30 hours of gameplay to earn, inculde bonuses like XP boosts and soldier camo. As for elusive Gold Battlepacks, players will be able to band together and tackle global community missions in order to earn these. The first challenge will require the Battlefield 4 community to grab a certain number of dog tags.

February will also see the addition of shortcut bundles, which unlock all grenades and handguns for the base game to help newcomers catch up faster. Premium users will receive two additional shortcut bundles for DMR's and shotguns.

DICE will reveal more about Battlefield 4's player appreciation month in the coming weeks, including details on double XP weekends and more community missions.