Battlefield 4 'player appreciation' will offer double XP

Battlefield game launches are almost guaranteed to fumble out of the gate. DICE's Karl Magnus Troedsson is apologizing for the unstable online performance of Battlefield 4, acknowledged that some platforms have "had more than their fair share of issues." He promises that the team is currently focused on fixing the game, which launched on Xbox One today.

"Resolving the launch issues is our #1 priority. In fact, we are so serious that we have the entire team working to stabilize the game and we will not move on to other projects until we are sure that Battlefield 4 meets--and exceeds--your expectations. It is the right thing to do."

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A player "appreciation" event will span from November 28th through December 5th, which will reward all players with double XP in multiplayer. The reasoning behind this is that "launch issues may have impacted your progression." In addition, all players that log in on December 5th will get a M1911 pistol scope. Previously reserved for DICE developers, it has a 3x zoom and is available for all classes.