Rainbow 6 Patriots 'wasn't working,' before Ubisoft reboot development

Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Patriots has had a very tumultuous development cycle, disappearing after being announced back in 2011. While its move to next-gen was a clear indication that something was amiss, Ubisoft president Laurent Detoc has come out and stated that Patriots "had to be remade" because it "wasn't working."

"They had a good vision," Detoc told IGN. But he says "the game wasn't working. So [they had] to start again." Since the reboot, he says that it's possible that the game could go in a whole new direction, in which mercenaries could potentially take the lead role from counter-terrorists.

Though Patriots was pulled from retailer databases earlier this year, Ubisoft still hopes to bring the game to Xbox One, PS4, and PC soon.