Report: Rainbow 6 Patriots pulled from retailer database

We haven't heard a peep from Ubisoft on Rainbow 6 Patriots in a while, and a recent move from a retailer has raised further questions about the game's fate. GameStop has reportedly pulled the game from its database, and a source claims those in charge "actively flipped a switch" rather than any kind of automated time-based removal.

The source told IGN that GameStop doesn't usually remove a game from a large publisher from its database until it is officially dead. It's even rarer to pull a game that has appeared as a Game Informer cover story, as it owns the magazine. This doesn't necessarily mean the game has been shelved, but it does once again raise the question of what will happen to it.

After creative director David Sears left the project in 2012, Ubisoft assured fans that it was still alive and "evolving." Late last year, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said the game has a good chance of appearing on next-gen consoles.