PSA: Grand Theft Auto Online patch now on PS3, coming to 360 ASAP

The promised title update for Grand Theft Auto 5's Online mode has rolled out on the PlayStation 3, and will be available for Xbox 360 "as soon as possible today."

A post on the Rockstar blog says that for PlayStation 3 users, a PSN server issue was limiting the number of concurrent players. That problem has been resolved, according to the company. It reiterated that the sale of cash packs has been put on hold for the time being. Other persistent problems, like the tutorial bug and general instability, were mentioned as issues the studio is working on, but they were not explicitly promised as fixed bugs in this patch.

Rockstar also recommends visiting a dedicated updates article for details on current bugs and known workarounds.

"All of these initial technical issues will be ironed out as soon as we can," Rockstar said. "Please know that the entire team here at Rockstar and all of our relevant partners are and will continue to be working around the clock to get the experience to be as smooth as possible, as soon as possible."