Warhammer Online shutting down in December

It feels rarer for MMORPGs to shut down nowadays, not without trying free-to-play first at least, but Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is for the chop. This December, after five-and-a-bit years online, the MMORPG based upon Games Workshop's tabletop wargame will shut down.

"Unfortunately, as with all licensing deals they do eventually come to end and on December 18th, 2013 we will no longer be operating Warhammer Online," Mythic said in the announcement.

"... Warhammer despite its flaws was a valiant effort into the MMO space", producer Carrie Gouskos reflected . "I don't think any of its critics would ever call it boring. It struck out boldly, and some of the game's novel features are now considered industry standard for MMOs."

Though it had a PvE side, Warhammer Online focused heavily on PvP, with rampant warfare between three factions. Players needed to team up to secure war resources, control zones, take cities and, ultimately, raid and pillage the enemies' capital cities.

EA tried to launch a free-to-play PvP arena battle spin-off named Wrath of Heroes, but cancelled it this year before even leaving open beta testing.