Elder Scrolls Online on consoles was Sony's idea

The Elder Scrolls Online has been announced for PC as well as next-gen consoles, but that wasn't always the plan. Bethesda had planned on making it a PC exclusive, but Sony's VP of publisher and developer relations Adam Boyes says they helped jump-start the console port process.

"[Elder Scrolls Online] was never planned to come to consoles, and we just kind of kept sitting with [Bethesda] and being like, 'Why not?'" Boys told Game Informer (via Polygon). "They're like, 'We're not planning it,' And I'm like, 'Well, what if we built a plan that we could do that?'"

It isn't exclusive to PlayStation 4, of course, as Bethesda has announced that it will be coming to Xbox One as well. But Boyes feels a certain pride in helping bring it to consoles. "Knowing that a game's coming to console that was never going to come to console, that's the kind of stuff that is, like, 'Yes!' You know, hugely awesome," he said.

And at the very least (for Sony), the beta is exclusive to PS4.