Dragon Age: Inquisition attempting more nuanced romance

Some of BioWare's biggest franchises, Mass Effect and Dragon Age, have made a point of including romance options. Dragon Age: Inquisition will bring back the virtual wooing, of course, but the studio is making a few changes to how you'll charm your paramour.

"We're doing a few of those things in Inquisition, trying to tell some romances of a style that we have not done previously," writer David Gaider said.

Most significantly, the team explained to Game Informer, approval from the romantic options has been given less influence.

"Previously, we had a lot of the follower content gated by your approval rating," Gaider said. "Whereas what we're doing now, we're having a lot more of your content event-driven. The approval you're at informs the nature of the conversation." For example, they might disagree with a decision, but they'll remain your friend and possible romantic partner.

BioWare also aims to make the relationships a little more reactive to your history with a character. "Your interactions aren't just, 'Hello, I'm here by my tent waiting for you,' but instead something that feels like an outgrowth of all your adventures together and the kind of things that you've been doing," said creative director Mike Laidlaw. "In my ideal scenario, your interaction with the character isn't just about having interacted with them; it's about your interaction with them in relation to the whole game that you've chosen to play. So if you make really sweeping decisions in other parts of the game, that may actually change the nature of those interactions."