N++ coming to PS4 with help from Dyad creator

N++ is coming to PS4, as part of the N series' 10-year anniversary. Metanet Software hopes to make this the "definitive version" of the series and have recruited Dyad-creator Shawn McGrath to help.

Metanet's Mare Sheppard told the PlayStation.Blog that N++ will feature new multiplayer modes and a whole new level editor. Creators will be able to share their stages globally, along with any attached leaderboards or replays. In regards to McGrath's role on the process, Sheppard says, "Shawn is really good at programming, and--more importantly--he's just as picky and critical as we are about making sure every aspect of the game is as well-made as possible."

While Sheppard isn't revealing much more about N++, she does point to the colorful kaleidoscope-like teaser as indicative of the game's redesigned visuals. N++ is coming soon.