N++ announced

It's been over four years since Metanet Software released their last game, N+. The critically acclaimed platformer garnered quite a fan base, constantly asking for updates to the game. However, the studio was attempting to explore other ideas. President Mare Sheppard admitted at a GDC panel that since the platformer's release, they've been struggling.

"We were clinging to the idea that N might be the only proof we had that we weren't completely idiotic or utter failures," she said, as the studio attempted to do something other than a third entry into the N franchise.

She then announced N++, "the final iteration of N." Sheppard admitted worry that at first, it would be "a step back" for the team. However, "at this point in our lives, this feels like the right thing to do... We can work on N again after all that emotional trauma."

Sheppard hopes that after N++'s release, the studio will be able to move on. "So maybe we needed to fail a million times to get to this point," she said. "We're still plagued by self-doubt every day, but we have hope now."

No other details were disclosed, but here's a trailer for N+: