Report: PlayStation TV service signs Viacom

Being a multimedia conglomerate, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Sony is interested in transforming its PlayStation business into a content delivery platform for non-gaming entertainment. Sony Pictures is already working on exclusive content for PlayStation. However, the company's ambitions for IPTV may be turning into reality.

The New York Times reports that Viacom has "tentatively agreed" to let many of its popular cable channels, like Nickelodeon and MTV, be carried by an internet TV service Sony is creating for PlayStation. The deal is the first of its kind, and is a key step in delivering an a la carte TV service that many cord-cutters desire.

One of the reasons Viacom was willing to participate is PlayStation's reach with a younger audience. The NYT postulates that having Viacom on board will help Sony convince other companies to join. The company has reportedly contacted Disney and Time Warner, for example.

"I don't think the classic pay TV subscription bundle model of television is going away anytime soon," Vertere Group's Tim Hanlon told the Times. "But all bets are off with the under-40 set." PlayStation has already proven successful with internet video, becoming the largest TV-connected platform for Netflix.

According to the report, Sony hopes to start selling its IPTV service at the end of this year, which would tie well with the launch of PlayStation 4. The TV service would then expand to smartphones, tablet computers, and other devices.

Microsoft has also been interested in its own IPTV service, but has been unable to get it off the ground. However, the platform holder recently announced plans for an Xbox-exclusive Halo TV series.