Redbox Instant, Flixster coming to PlayStation 4

In case you were worried that all Sony's upcoming PS4 will do is play games, don't worry. The company spent a bit of time during its E3 keynote to talk about some non-gaming media initiatives. Most importantly, Sony Pictures Entertainment will be producing new "exclusive" television content for PS4. The vague announcement had no other real details.

Sony's current entertainment apps for PS3, like Music Unlimited and Netflix, will also be available on PS4 at launch.

In addition, the PlayStation library of systems will be home to a number of new entertainment apps. Redbox Instant from Verizon and Flixster will be coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita. Redbox Instant will be available soon, while Flixster will be coming later this year.

Finally, an additional "on-demand viewer" app will allow certain live events to stream on PS4. Further details were not revealed.