PS3 is largest 'TV-connected platform' for Netflix

Wii used to be the dominant Netflix-playing platform. But as that system sunsets, the PS3 has overtaken its competitors for the box most owners use to stream Netflix videos to their TVs. In fact, according to new stats revealed by Netflix, PS3 owners stream more often than PC at times throughout the year as well.

Netflix announced today that the PS3 is the "largest TV-connected platform" for Netflix viewing. The company notes that PlayStation 3 offers the service for free (unlike the Xbox 360, which requires a Gold account), and was the first to offer 1080p video resolution, both of which may have influenced users to make the switch. It's also the platform of choice for testing a new interface called "Max."

As of last year, Nielsen research showed Wii held most of the Netflix audience between consoles. At the time, the PlayStation 3 accounted for about 13% of the audience, and the Wii at 25%. The news that the PS3 overtakes the PC is even more impressive, since last year PCs accounted for roughly 42% of viewing. Nielsen may count its figures differently than the Netflix's own internal estimates, but this still would seem to indicate a large sea change in usage trends.

"The PlayStation and Netflix communities both share a strong passion for high quality entertainment," said SCEA CEO Jack Tretton, in the announcement. "Netflix provides a fantastic experience for watching TV shows and movies on PS3, and our joint development will continue to produce innovations for our customers that further demonstrate PS3 as the true home for entertainment in the living room."