PlanetSide 2 'implants' scrapped over pay-to-win fears

"Pay-to-win" is one of the worst possible consequences of free-to-play games, which is why PlanetSide 2 players were in an uproar over the idea of purchasable "implants," which would have provided temporary benefits during battle.

Players were none too pleased.

Implants would have offered bonuses like health regeneration and protection against flash grenades. Many players expressed a deep concern that Implants would negatively affect game balance.

Having listened to player outrage, SOE President John Smedley took to Twitter today to publicly scrap the current course of action, saying "after reading through your comments we have decided to go back to the drawing board on implants."

However, Implants haven't been completely scrapped. While they will no longer be included in the upcoming GU13 update, they might pop up in another way.