Miyamoto: Nintendo may have 'underestimated' scale of HD development

Many companies experienced the HD switch years ago, but for Nintendo, this is a fairly recent hurdle. Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto gave some frank comments about the struggles of moving its development into high-definition, and admitted the company might have underestimated the challenge.

"When it comes to the scale of software development, Wii U with HD graphics requires about twice the human resources than before," Miyamoto said in an investor Q&A from late June, which was recently translated. "Please allow me to explain that we may have underestimated the scale of this change and as a result, the overall software development took more time than originally anticipated just as we tried to polish the software at the completion phase of development. However, we are almost out of this phase, and we are also trying to create something unique utilizing an easier development approach called 'Nintendo Web Framework.'"

Nintendo announced its Web Framework at GDC this year, though at the time it sounded more aimed at app development than games.