SimCity survey gauges interest in offline mode and bigger cities

Apparently, Microsoft isn't the only company considering straying from its vision of online-only gaming. Maxis' much-criticized SimCity may also sever ties with the cloud to offer an offline mode for players.

"Classic Mode" would offer a "single functioning city" that can be played online or off, and can be toyed around with cheats and unlocks. It's one of the many "potential features" EA has name-dropped in a survey sent to players.

Other key features include bigger cities that are twice the current city size. There could also be one-way roads, subways, and terraforming--all things that sound like they should have been in the game's original release.

There's also the intriguing idea of importing Sims and neighborhoods from The Sims. For a glance at the survey, check out Reddit (via VideoGamer).