Why Dragon Age: Inquisition dropped the 3

A new trend hitting the games industry: getting rid of the number in the title. BioWare's next Dragon Age is no longer called Dragon Age 3. Instead, it's simply called Dragon Age: Inquisition. So, why did EA decide to drop the number?

"It's a tactical marketing decision," EA's Frank Gibeau admitted. "There wasn't anything that strategic about it, to be blunt. We just wanted to draw more attention to the fact that Inquisition is an all-new chapter inside of the Dragon Age universe, as opposed to people expecting a follow-on to Dragon Age 1 and 2 in a literal, linear sense."

"We felt like we wanted to bring more attention to the word Inquisition, because that's more the story arc of what it's like," Gibeau told IGN. "There's a whole bunch of gameplay and features and big story choices related to how you go through this Inquisition that happens in the world."

The move away from numbers not only frees EA and BioWare to go after new players, but it could also help distance the game away from Dragon Age 2, a game well received by critics but less so by fans.