Call of Duty: Ghosts footage focuses on Riley the dog

After Call of Duty: Ghosts made its official debut at the Xbox One unveiling, fans of the series instantly fell in love with the game's mo-capped German Shepherd companion. Activision picked up on that, and showed more of the dog in new gameplay footage shown today.

Riley was named after Simon "Ghost" Riley from Modern Warfare 2, and gets the bulk of the limelight in a mission call "No Man's Land." Activision showed off some scripted gameplay from the mission in a special pre-E3 livestream. Riley will carry a camera on his vest for recon, and will respond to commands via a canine earpiece, much like real Special Forces dogs do. Riley is able to take down enemies quickly and quietly, and can also "speak" to distract other hostiles.

The footage was well received by fans. Developer Infinity Ward did tell IGN that all ties to the Modern Warfare series have been severed in Ghosts, and the iconic mask, and even Riley's name are simply homages for fans.

Also shown in more detail was footage from a mission called Into the Deep, which we discussed in our preview.