Report: OMGPOP closed in Zynga layoffs

As part of yesterday's layoffs at mobile publisher Zynga, Draw Something developer OMGPOP has reportedly been closed. The closure of the New York office would close OMGPOP by extension, and several staff members took to Twitter to state they had been impacted by the layoffs.

Develop reports that in addition to various executives, the official OMGPOP account tweeted that it was the last day for "many" of its staff. Shacknews has contacted Zynga to clarify, and will update as more information becomes available.

OMGPOP made headlines last year when Draw Something enjoyed a surge of popularity, culminating in Zynga's purchase of the studio for a reported $200 million. Daily usage began to fall after that, though. Former OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter left Zynga earlier this year.

Zynga itself, meanwhile, continues to struggle. This is the third such large staff reduction in the last several months, after closures in Boston, MA and Austin, TX, and a closure in Baltimore, MD.