Best of PSN collection coming in June for $40

It's important that more people play Tokyo Jungle, so thankfully a retail release is coming. Not by itself, mind. The Best of PlayStation Network, Vol. 1 outed by an ESRB rating is indeed an actual thing, Sony announced today, coming to stores on June 25 with Tokyo Jungle, Sound Shapes, Fat Princess and When Vikings Attack for $39.99.

That's about it, really. They'll all be on a disc in a box for PlayStation 3. The games cost $14.99 each on PSN, except for Vikings which is $9.99, so the box saves you $15--if you want them all.

Sony's announcement today somehow neglected to specify whether Sound Shapes and When Vikings Attack, which are both Cross-Buy games on PSN, will also give you copies on Vita. Silly Sony, people have wondered about that since word of the collection was leaked. We've dropped Sony a line asking for clarification.

The fact that this is Volume 1 of PlayStation Network's finest makes one wonder, which Sony-published PSN games might be in a Volume 2? While you ponder, look at Tokyo Jungle again:

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