Precursor says it's 'a wholly different company' from Silicon Knights

Precursor Games, developer of the crowdfunded "spiritual successor" to Eternal Darkness, has been greeted with skepticism due to the company's connection to ex-Silicon Knights staff--including the vocal former head of SK, Denis Dyack. CEO Paul Caporicci is attempting to distance the new studio from the less-than-sterling SK legacy, claiming it's a wholly new company.

"We realize that those negative impressions exist and we're doing our best to show everyone Precursor is a totally new entity," Caporicci told GI.biz. "I understand that skepticism but we just want an opportunity to show people that it's not that. We did work at Silicon Knights but we're trying to do something new and it's different positions and a different structure and it is a wholly different company," he continued.

Though Caporicci refused to talk in detail about Silicon Knights, he did say he was laid off and reached out to other ex-SK staff to form the new company. He was hesitant to talk much about the defunct developer, but he said that they purchased some art assets from Silicon Knights for use in its first game, Shadow of the Eternals.

This is all set against the backdrop of continuing drama over Silicon Knights. Polygon reports that CFO Mike Mays says the studio is "definitely alive," even though its Ontario office is reportedly closed. Mays declined to talk about where the remaining employees are located, or even how many employees remain. Bankruptcy expert David Smith said that anyone seeking money from Precursor to settle its Silicon Knights debts, including Epic Games, would have to file a new suit. Precursor seems to be washing its hands of Silicon Knights entirely, and creating a new studio could make an extra hoop to jump through for anyone attempting to get money from the developer.