Epic Games wins 'on all counts' in Silicon Knights lawsuit

Update: Additional commentary from Epic Games and new details on damages.

The years-long lawsuit between Silicon Knights and Epic Games has come to an end. The Canadian developer of Too Human served Epic in 2007 for "technical problems" it encountered using Epic's multiplatform engine. The suit was originally seeking $58 million in damages, with Silicon Knights claiming it had to rework Unreal into the "Silicon Knights Engine."

Today, a judge has ruled in favor for Epic Games.

"Case over. Jury finds for Epic on all counts," Epic VP Mark Rein told followers on Twitter. This is after the judge threw out an "expert" Silicon Knights had presented, and eventually issued $1 of potential damages for the suit.

While Epic Games is currently working on Unreal Engine 4, the fate of Silicon Knights has been much more somber. After releasing the critically-bashed X-Men Destiny, the company faced severe layoffs.

In addition, the jury found that Silicon Knights "breached" Unreal's license agreement. As such, the jury awarded Epic Games damages of $4.45 million. "We are delighted with the jury's verdict and all of the hard work done by the Hunton & Williams legal team," said Jay Andrews, Epic's General Counsel.