Open-world survival horror The Forest revealed in first trailer

A plane crash is perhaps not the most pleasant way to start an adventure in great outdoors, but why not enjoy The Forest while you're there? Chop down trees, build a shelter, start a fire, forage food, and oh, defend yourself against hordes of mutant cannibals. Developer SKS Games has released the open-world survival horror's first trailer, and it all looks jolly unpleasant.

The Forest will take a sim-y approach to survival horror, with a day/night cycle, weather, tides, and plants which grow then die. You'll get to explore the island and build by day, then cling to dear life at night once the mutants are out. Luckily, you can build and fortify camps, and either try to hide from the mutants or attack them with whatever weapons you can whip together.

Oculus Rift support is planned so nasties can get right up in your face. Lovely.

Hit the website for more, and vote on Steam Greenlight if you'd like to see it there.