Saints Row 4 coming August 20

Just in case you were curious about what Volition has been up to under new owners Deep Silver, today the publisher announced Saints Row 4. The game is coming to PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on August 20, and looks to ratchet up the series' unique brand of insanity.

In this installment, the leader of the Third Street Saints (that's you) has been elected as President of the United States. Alien invaders then transport you and your fellow Saints to a simulation of Steelport, giving you access to superpowers to free humanity from the mental prison of the alien Zinyak.

That sounds a lot like the premise of the "Enter the Dominatrix" expansion, which we had heard was turned into a proper sequel under THQ. It's good to know Deep Silver isn't touching Volition's crazy sensibilities. Check out the trailer below.

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